Argan oil : the hand made secrets


The history of Argan oil and it’s practical use in everyday life for a range of beauty and health applications.

Argan oil is derived from the nuts which the Argan tree produces. Did you know that the only (!) region the Argan tree grows, is in Morocco? To be more specifically: The argania spinosa, the scientific word for this wondrous tree, is only to be found in the regions surrounding Essaouira and Agadir (south of Morocco). Read along to learn more!

Furthermore, did you know that the oil deriving from the nuts of these amazing trees carry enormous benefactors to our health and beauty? Well, we do. And because we do, we feel it’s our duty to share these ancient secrets with the world. Finally, the whole wide world will be able to benefit from the glorious properties Argan oil has to offer. We have taken this task upon us with the help of our local woman of Agadir, who press, by hand(!), every nut into pure wondrous oil.

These local woman are fully aware of the ancient secrets Argan oil carries and are excited to share it with us. They handpick the utmost superior fruits deriving from these Moroccan trees and consequently drain out the oils carefully. Resulting in the very oils which we use to produce many of our cosmetics. In fact, the most important ingredient in our cosmetics is Argan!

Argan oil actually contains antioxidants which are really beneficial for the healing of skin cells and in turn also has the ability to reduce inflammation. Argan oil for instance contains vitamin E, which can have amzazing results if you’re looking to have a positive effect on the elasticity of the skin. Who doesn’t want a more supple, soft and plumper skin? Other then that, the healing properties Argan oil carries, comes with the ability to prevent stretch marks. Since ancient days, argan oil has been used to get a youthful glow and to reduce the visibility of wrinkles.

After reading this article you’re most likely convinced of the wondrous and versatily use of Argan oil: the authentic Moroccan oil found nowhere else in the world. Given the many beauty and health applications, it’s only reasonable to try it out for yourself now. Explore our shop and discover our pure and organic products!

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