Argan oil explored!

Argan oil explored!

So, you’re tired of trying all sorts of natural oils for your hair & skin and not getting the desired results…try ”argan oil”! I’m sure you would want to know about a secret ingredient that has the potential to nourish your hair and skin effectively!  Argan oil is an effective oil which will chase away your worries. It has various nutritive, cosmetic & medicinal benefits.
It is rightly said as Nature’s Liquid Gold because of the many benefits it holds within for skin and hair care. So, hold tight and keep reading to discover these benefits which we share with you today!

1. Argan Oil works as a Skin Saviour:
Do you have a dry skin, chapped lips or acne issues? Argan oil could be a solution to your problems! Enriched with various forms of Vitamin E, it is certainly the best pick for skin care. It is hailed around the world for having rich amounts of fatty acids which keeps the body skin, nails & hair hydrated. It moisturizes your skin leaving it soft and smooth. Furthermore, this natural oil has antioxidant and anti-aging properties, therefore, it gives your skin a radiant glow and makes wrinkles less visible.

2. Argan Oil as an effective Hair Conditioner:
Nothing conditions your hair better than Argan Oil. Our moroccan ancestors we’re well aware of this wondrous feauture. What they perhaps didn’t know is that argan oil has anti-sebum property, it reduces the oiliness of the skin so if you have an oily scalp it is a must-try. Also, it can tame frizz and treat split ends. Along with making hair softer and silkier, it makes them shine a little extra!

Side Effects and Risks:
Generally, people don’t experience any side effects while using natural oils but people who have tree nut allergies might face rashes and acne breakouts after application of Argan oil on the skin. LADM cares about your skin, and would’nt want that to happen to you! SHOP NOW

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