”Experience ancient Moroccan beauty secrets”

LES ARBRES DU MAROC ( “The Trees of Morocco”) is an Amsterdam/Agadir-based organic&natural cosmetics company that’s led by real Moroccans. The reason for emphasizing on “real” is to make a clear distinction between us and other cosmetic lines propagating authentic Moroccan beauty secrets.  So in other words, LADM views herself as the real deal. Here’s why: LADM is the excecutive in the complete production line within the natural and pure cosmetics sold on the webshop.

Our products are all cruelty free, vegan and use organic Argan as a base. The wondrous and pure oils found in the webshop range in use in such a way that LADM can provide you, the beloved customer, the full package! That is: BODY, FACE and HAIR.



LADM aims to deliver the highest quality skincare while providing economic independence to those who work to provide our raw materials. For us, ethics are just as important as an superb product. LADM prides herself in the notion of being able to provide her customers with outstanding natural and organic cosmetics, without the fear of buying a product which has been produced in unfair conditions.

“100% natural. As Moroccan as we are”